Cooling Antibacterial bed sheets: Healthy cool cotton Bedsheet


I’COOL® sheets are the healthiest bed sheets ever manufactured. I’COOL® sheets are infused with exclusive COOL-TEX™ fibers, giving them the luxurious feel of Italian silk and Portuguese flannel. You’ll feel like you’re sleeping in very high quality cotton sheets, with a thread count of 1000 or more.

COOL-TEX™ also dissipates body heat and wicks away moisture, whereas cotton or cotton blend sheets retain body heat and absorb perspiration. This can cause allergy aggravation from mold and mildew.

I’COOL® sheets are also enhanced with COPPER-KUR™ Even Temp technology which prevents mold, mildew and bacteria build-up fromnight-time perspiration. Some hospitals are now using similar technology in patients’ clothing, to make it safer and healthier.


  • COPPER-KUR™ technology destroys harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses while your skin is in contact with the bedding
  • Our RECHARGE technology improves blood circulation while you sleep
  • COPPER-KUR™ embedded technology wicks away moisture and controlsunpleasant body odor, while keeping you cool and comfortable
  • Graduated compression applies different levels of pressure to each part of the body to improve blood circulation and muscle oxygenation
  • Thanks to their temperature controlling features, our bed sheets remain fresher for longer even if they’re not washed on a regular basis


Our RECHARGE Technology improves blood circulation and
muscle oxygenation. It helps to prevent bacterial and fungal infections.

Anti Microbial

Temperature Control

Wick Away Moisture