Why is REM sleep so important?

At I’COOL®, we like to stay on top of the latest developments in sleep study.

Thread count: does it really matter?

Many of our customers think that a high thread count is a foolproof way of making sure they purchase the best quality bedsheets

Why choose COPPER-KUR™ and COOL-TEX™?

I’COOL® bedding incorporates COPPER-KUR™ and COOL-TEX™ technologies to help avoid this problem and to protect your health while you sleep.

Copper KUR technology for our well being

Our products improve blood circulation and muscle oxygenation

COPPER KUR for great skin

It naturally nurture healthier and soft skin and help in development of new blood vessels

Anti-Microbial features of COPPER-KUR technology

COPPER KUR technology destroys 99.9% of bacteria, fungi and viruses within 30 minutes of contact.

Benefits of Cooltex fibre & COPPER KUR technology

Our Cooltex fibres enhance the properties of this conductive metals. Your body heat quickly

Your bedsheet, pillow and even mattress protector are dirtier than you think

Most of the people do not sleep alone in their bed but with millions of bacteria, fungi etc.